Autumn/Winter 2017 is here

Colour your world with Pohlmans' amazing Autumn plants including flowers, herbs and vegetables - in stores now

Pohlmans’ years of expertise combined with world-class technology make planting your own fresh flowers, vegetables, herbs and more the simple, rewarding experience it should be!

Pohlmans’ range of products for Autumn/Winter is in stock in your local nursery, hardware store or supermarket.

The season is full of vibrant flowers, fresh herbs and delicious vegetables, just perfect for planting now.

Stylish indoor plants are on trend, and our beautiful selection continues to grow, while outside our vibrant violas and pretty pansies  will bring splashes of gorgeous colour to your garden, patio or indoor space.

Head into your nearest nursery, hardware store or supermarket now to colour your world with Pohlmans this Winter.

Grow and eat fresh vegetables

Enjoy fresh and nutritious vegetables year round with Pohlmans’ range of quick start and gourmet varieties. Pohlmans offer a variety of fresh, healthy and sustainable living options including all of the family favourites like tomato, broccolini and carrots.

Enjoy healthy, tasty herbs

Fragrant and garden-fresh Hidden Valley herbs deliver recipe-favourite varieties for easy, anywhere planting and immediate enjoyment. Fresh is best, so for added vibrance in your garden and in every meal try Pohlmans Hidden Valley Herbs.

Plant 10 of the prettiest Pots

Our most popular seedling variety, 10 Pots, are the perfect take home colour pack for your garden. 10 Pots offer strong performing annual varieties, chosen for their range of colour, impact and longevity of performance in smaller or confined areas.

Breathe life into your indoors

Bring your home to life with Pohlmans' vibrant and luscious Life Indoors collection. Not only have indoor plants been proven to relax the mind and increase productivity, they are proven carbon filters, providing a cleaner environment and healthier workplace.

Picture perfect Pansies & Violas

Pohlmans’ premium selection of flowers are the perfect addition of instant colour to brighten any garden. Pohlmans’ innovative varieties offer endless choice for your garden beds, scattered pots or hangers, and our flowering annuals offer year-round beauty.