Dianthus Rockin Red

Full sun loving deep red flowers adorn the top of this vibrant dianthus hybrid. Makes for a great statement piece […]

Celosia Mix

This Bloomin Value Giant Pot provides instant colour impact in the garden or provides a splash of colour for pots […]

Celosia Dragons Breath

Celosia ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is an extra-large, late flowering Celosia, producing an abundance of vibrant red foliage with large plume-type blooms […]

Dianthus Jolt Pink

The Dianthus Jolt Pink is highly durable, withstanding up to hot, summer conditions and continues to flower without setting seed. Care: Easy […]

Dianthus Jolt Cherry

The stunning Dianthus Jolt Cherry is heat-tolerant to hot, summer conditions, and continues to flower without setting seed. Care: Ideal for […]

Zinnia Mixed

The Zinnia handles the heat, provides a stunning display of bright double flowers to add impact in the garden or […]

Viola Mixed

This Giant Pot Viola produces an abundance of blooms in an array of vibrant colours. From shades of pink, purple, […]

Coleus Mixed

The Coleus Mixed provides a large leaved splash of brilliance in an array of colours. This adds impact in the […]