Cat Grass

Different to catnip, cat grass is a fast growing treat for cats which adds roughage to their diet and has […]


The fine lacy blue-green foliage has an aniseed flavour. Use fresh leaves with chicken, fish, potatoes, eggs, green salad, vegetables, […]

Thyme Lemon

An evergreen spreading herb with intense yellow, lemon scented leaves and clusters of mauve pink flowers in summer.  A medicinal […]

Spinach Baby

Baby spinach is the highest vitamin rich vegetable of them all.  Rich in folate, beta-carotene, lutien and Vitamins A, B1, […]


The peppery mustard flavoured leaves are high in protein, and are considered to be an appetite stimulant and digestive.  Rocket […]


An aromatic, warm and slightly bitter tasting herb, that is high in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties.  The strong flavoured leaves […]

Basil Greek

A fine leaved compact plant, a little goes a long way with this basil.  Greek Basil is a traditional ingredient […]

Curry Plant

The unique dusty grey foliage with new green growth has a strong curry scent. Use sparingly as it is strong, […]

Thyme Pizza

Pizza thyme, sometimes known as Italian thyme, is a perennial plant with deep green oval shaped leaves and pink flowers […]

Mint Thai

Thai mint is a strain of peppermint with bright green, perfumed, wrinkly leaves. A popular herb in Thai cuisine, the […]


Sage has a slight peppery taste and is considered to have antiseptic and astringent properties, and is a tonic. Leaves […]


The thin cylindrical leaves have a hint of onion flavour. Use leaves to flavour fish, potato, soup, stews, salads, sauces, […]


This aromatic groundcover is considered to have antiseptic properties. Use fresh or dried leaves for seasoning meat, soups, stews, lamb, […]

Sweet Basil

Sweet, spicy clove flavoured herb that can be used fresh or dried.  Use with Mediterranean cuisine, tomato dishes, pesto, vinegars, […]


The fragrant evergreen leaves are extremely high in iron, calcium and Vitamin B6. Finely chop leaves and use to flavour […]

Parsley Afro

This very popular herb is a hardy biennial that is easy to grow. Parsley is a hungry plant once established, […]

Italian Parsley

With a stronger, sweeter taste than normal curled parsley, Italian Parsley has plain flat leaves.  This versatile herb can be […]

Mint Garden

This very popular Asian herb has peppery and pungent leaves with a strong menthol taste. Fresh or dried leaves can […]


Otherwise known as ‘Cilantro’ or ‘Chinese Parsley’, Coriander has a fragrance reminiscent of citrus peel. Both the leaves and seed […]