Sugar Snap Pea Dwarf

Use whole in a stir-fry or leave grow to shell full size peas. Dwarf peas are easy to train up […]


Available in red and green, delicate feathery leaves add a spicy tang to garden salads. Young leaves have a distinct mustard […]

Lettuce Heirloom Mixed

A splendid mix of some of our favourite heirloom varieties that bring colour and flavour from the garden to the […]

Basil ‘Fino Verde’

Why this heirloom? An Italian heirloom with neat, compact growth and small, tender, highly aromatic leaves with just a hint […]

Bean ‘Snake’ Yard Long

Why this heirloom? Produces extraordinarily long, thin beans with a flavour similar to asparagus. Popular in Asian cuisine, they look […]

Bean Borlotti

Why this heirloom? An old Italian favourite suited for use as a dried bean — this is regarded as the […]

Tomato Black Cherry

Aptly named for their dark, sweet and juicy flesh which makes them look just like cherries, which we all adore. […]

Tomato Red Fig

The red brother to Beams Yellow Pear takes its name from the similarly shaped long neck and fig-shaped form. Because […]

Tomato Beams Yellow Pear

Golden yellow with a shiny skin and firm flesh that preserves well. Enlivens a salad bowl and has ornamental trusses […]

Tomato Principe Borghese

This dwarf variety has low sugar, seed, and moisture content making it ideal to sun dry. Small fruit of 2.5cm […]

Tomato Mortgage Lifter

Creator of Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie, boosted his income from the clapped out pick up trucks he repaired. He also […]

Tomato Lemon Drop

We will have Diggers staff queuing up to get this re-introduction! A prolific tomato with a refreshing zing. Height to […]

Spinach Bloomsdale

Introduced to American gardeners way back in 1826 this heirloom variety has thick, crinkled bright green leaves that are rich […]

Kale Tuscan Black

There’s never been a vegetable so in demand as kale. We’ve been growing it for years for its rich antioxidant […]

Chilli Joes Long Cayenne

A classic vibrant long red chilli with a mild taste when seeds are removed or leave seeds in to turn […]

Tomato Tommy Toe

Australia’s best known and top tasting heirloom. Cherry to medium size fruits. Early season. Select a sunny, well drained position […]