Bean Broad

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It’s a fact of life, “fresh is best”.  There is simply no better way of having fresher vegetables packed with nutrients and fibre, than harvesting them right from your very own garden. Pohlmans Gourmet Vegetables® Broad Bean, otherwise known as “Fava Bean” is a bean that can be enjoyed in a wide assortment of dishes.  These beans are one of the easiest plants to grow in your veggie patch, and can be eaten whole with the pods when young, or just the tender green beans.

Care:  Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched in organic matter, and well drained.  Mulching is recommended to help conserve water.

Height: 2m

Plant Apart: 15 – 25cm

Location: Full Sun

Harvest Time: 70 – 90 days

Health benefits of Broad Beans:    

– Broad Bean is a rich source of thiamine, which is essential to maintain normal nerve function, and fibre.

– Rich in Vitamin A which helps to maintain healthy skin and promote proper vision, growth and bone development.

– Potassium helps the body maintain blood pressure and regulate heart function.

– Good source of phosphorous which is needed for the formation of healthy bones and tetth, in addition to helping the body utilize