Beetroot Baby

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It’s a fact of life, “fresh is best”.  There is simply no better way of having fresher vegetables packed with nutrients and fibre, than harvesting them right from your very own garden. Pohlmans Gourmet Vegetables® Beetroot Baby produces great tasting golf ball sized fruit if harvested early.  The leaves can be used as a sweet and colourful addition to salads.  Add lime to the soil for better flavour and texture.

Care:  Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched in organic matter, and well drained.  Mulching is recommended to help conserve water.

Plant Apart: 20cm

Location: Full Sun

Harvest Time: Leaves 35 days Roots 60 days

Health benefits for Beetroot Baby:

– Low in calories, but has the highest sugar content of all vegetables.  This is a good sugar.

– Rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous.

– Health attributes include – good for heart, avoids birth defects, prevents colon cancer, good for liver function, prevents respiratory problems, boosts energy, prevents eye cataracts, and reduces risk of strokes.