Blueberry Blue Rose

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One of the best late season rabbiteye varieties, this vigorous upright blueberry produces high yields of large, evenly sized, firm berries with a mild flavour. Quick to pick and resistant to splitting from rain, this is the recommended variety where a quality late season berry is desired. Requiring no peeling or coring, blueberries are nature’s convenience food. High in Vitamin A & C, dietary fibres, caretenoids, antioxidants and anthocyanosides, as well as low in calories. Use fresh, in fruit salads, jams, pies, sauces or smoothies.

Care: Although most varieties will set fruit, cross pollination will improve fruit set. Requires cross pollination from Britewell. An ideal fruiting pot plant. Prefers an acidic, moist, well daining soil rich in organic matter. Mulch well to conserve moisture. May need netting as the birds love them!

Harvest: Nov – Dec

Plant height: Up to 2m

Plant distance: Up to 2m

Location: Full sun/part shade