Broccoli Baby

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It’s a fact of life, “fresh is best”.  There is simply no better way of having fresher vegetables packed with nutrients and fibre, than harvesting them right from your very own garden. Pohlmans Gourmet Vegetables® Baby Broccoli has lean crisp 15 cm stems and loosely packed, tasty green 3-5 cm florets.  A sweet, delicate flavour with a subtle peppery edge, the flavour becomes milder and sweeter when cooked.  Stems and small heads can be harvested continually for an extended period.  Ideal for use in stir fires, steming whole, pasta, salads and crudites.

Care:  Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched in organic matter, and well drained.  Mulching is recommended to help conserve water.


Plant Apart: 30 – 75cm

Location: Full Sun

Harvest Time: 60 – 90 days

Health benefits of Broccoli Baby:

– High in antioxidants, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, calcium and rich in fibre and iron.

– High in sulforaphane and I3C – which increases enzyme activity and blocks cancer.

– High levels of beta-carotene increases antioxidants.

– Known as a wonder drug for fighting all cancers, in particular hormone based – breast, prostrate and uterus.

– Reduces bad cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure and functioning of insulin, so reduces heart disease.