Lettuce Green Mignonette

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Pohlmans Lettuce Green Mignonette is a small medium buttercrunch variety with 30-40cm heads, that is ideal for small spaces.  The most used of all lettuce, the mild flavoured leaves are medium green.  A source of folate, lettuce can be used in salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and tacos.  Stagger your plantings of lettuce for a continuous harvest.  Harvest the whole lettuce at once or pick the outer leaves as they grow.

Care: Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched with organic matter, and well drained.  For best results use plenty of nitrogen based fertiliser to encourage leaf growth.

Height: 15 – 20 cm

Plant apart: 30 cm

Location: Full sun

Harvest time: 45 – 70 days