Passionfruit Grafted Black

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One of the classic flavours of summer, this passionfruit has been grafted onto cold tolerant rootstock. A strong vigorous evergreen climber that requires a sturdy trellis. Lovely purple and white flowers in spring and summer, are followed by plenty of dark purple oval fruit. High in vitamin C, which is important for maintaining a strong immune system and keeping your skin, teeth and bones healthy. Passionfruit is higher in fibre thans many fruits, which is helpful for keeping your digestive system active.

Care: Preferring a north facing position, prune each year after fruiting as fruit is borne on new growth. Fertilise regularly, do not over water as passionfruit dislike wet feet. Protect from frost.

Harvest: Summer and Winter

Plant height: Climbing plant

Plant distance: 1m

Location: Full sun