Steak Fajitas with tomato salsa

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Gourmet Vegies Chef’s Combo Mexican Fiesta combines spicy chilli, coriander and capsicum for a party on your table


700g beef rump steak, trimmed, cut into strips

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons Chilli Hot

2 tablespoons Coriander

12 x 20cm flour fajitas or tortillas

1 1/2 cups grated tasty cheese

1 baby cos lettuce, shredded

1 Capsicum Red

Sour cream, to serve

Avocado and tomato salsa

250g cherry tomatoes, quartered

2 green onions, trimmed, finely sliced

1 large avocado, peeled, stone removed, diced

2 teaspoons lime juice

Pineapple slices


  1. Make avocado and tomato salsa Place tomatoes, onions, avocado and lime juice in a glass or ceramic bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Toss gently to combine. Cover and set aside.
  2. Place steak, oil, coriander and chilli in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Toss to combine.
  3. Heat a large, non-stick frying pan over high heat. Fry pineapple slices until golden. Remove from pan.
  4. Add steak mixture. Cook, stirring, for 2 to 3 minutes or until browned and just cooked through. Remove to a heatproof bowl. Cover to keep warm.
  5. Meanwhile, heat fajitas or tortillas following packet directions.
  6. Place salsa and steak mixture on table. Place cheese, capsicum, lettuce and sour cream in separate bowls on table. Place fajitas or tortillas on plates. Assemble fajitas at table.

Download recipe PDF here