Colourful Crotons

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No, they are not the things you put in your winter soup! Crotons are a decorative tropical plant that are grown for their lush, leathery, multi-coloured foliage. Often splashed with vibrant greens, yellow and red, these hardy plants are often used in rainforest gardens but you will notice that the leaf colours are more vibrant if they are grown in full sun.

Crotons love well drained soil that is rich in organic material but also do well in pots either indoors or on a patio or deck, as long as they have filtered light and a warm sunny position.

To maintain the quality of the foliage, Crotons require liquid food, particularly during the warmer months. They can grow to a height of between 75 cm and two metres, depending on the conditions.

Pohlmans’ Croton varieties available at the moment include Captain Kidd, Mammy, Little Mia, Elaine and Sunny Star – ask for them at your local nursery or hardware store today.