Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants for the not so green thumbs

Whether you’re an avid green thumb or a bit of a serial plant killer, indoor plants are for everyone, you just need to find the right one for you. Some of our favourites in stock at the moment are amongst the more durable varieties so they are perfect for those who are a bit unsure about this whole plant business.

Indoor plants don’t just liven up your space, they’re actually beneficial to your health as well! They clean up the air around you, and in those cooler months provide extra moisture in the air to lessen dry skin and sore throats.


We have a variety of pothos available, and all of them are easy to care for!

Pothos are a trailing plant, which makes them perfect for hanging or creating a green wall with. They do well in moderate light and can even tolerate fluorescent lighting so they are a top pick for livening up office spaces. They can be fast growers when the conditions are right.


Similar to the Pothos, peperomia are a durable plant, and we have a few different varieties to choose from.

The peperomia does best in low to medium lighting, but it can handle fluorescent lighting, so is the perfect addition to any room. Originally from South America, the peperomia enjoys warm, humid climates, so for those of you in the Brisbane area, it will be perfect! For the best watering, planting your peperomia in a well-draining soil is best and helps avoid overwatering.