Instant Colour

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Spring is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time to be outdoors, embracing the sunshine. For those lovely warm days, it’s great to be surrounded by blooms and colour! Our 10 pots range is a perfect option for instant colour, and great for any space! If you only have a small balcony or a large garden, the colourful flowers will brighten up anywhere.

Get some instant blooms with our range, there are so many to choose from, so it can be a tough decision. Pick from Petunias, Pansies, Dianthus or more.

Petunias come in a wide variety of colours- from whites to pinks and “Strawberry Sundaes” to “Queen of Hearts”, all the colours to suit you. Or mix it up with a collection. The smaller pots also make for great fillers. Needing to fill in the gaps in your garden, or wanting some more colour amongst your greenery? The 10 pots will do the trick!

They can also make for great kid activities, easy to look after and maintain.