It’s time for heavenly Hydrangeas

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Tea Time Hydrangeas are now available at your local nursery and hardware store offering magnificent mophead flowers, bold colours, good branching and a surprisingly compact habit!

The Tea Time Hydrangeas are easy to grow and will reward you with a wonderful flower display on a compact hardy shrub. In a decorative pot Tea Time Hydrangeas are perfect to decorate inside your home, or on the patio, then later plant in the garden for ongoing enjoyment.

The collection includes four beautiful colours, blue, pink, white and red, and as with all Hydrangeas the soil acidity will contribute to the flower colour. Blue flowering hydrangeas require an acid soil. To maintain the blue colour it is recommended to use a good quality acid tonic such as Yates Hydrangea Bluing Tonic which not only acidifies the soil but is also rich in nitrogen and potassium for healthy green leaf growth and beautiful flowers. Pink Hydrangeas require alkaline soil and a supplement of lime will help achieve gorgeous colour.

HABIT: The excellent branching ensures a well balanced compact habit.

HEIGHT: to 30cm in a pot; to 1.5m after 5 years when planted in a garden

POSITION: Hydrangeas prefer a sun to dappled shade position and moist conditions. Regular watering is recommended during the warmer months.

FLOWERING: Late spring to summer

CARE: Fertilise with a complete fertiliser in spring, prior to the flowering season. After flowering prune back into the green stem, this will encourage plant growth and flowering for the next season.