Time to fertilise!

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The days are getting longer and while the mornings are still quite cool the promise of Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to get back out into the garden, preparing for the incredible bursts of colour and scents that September brings.

The beginning of Spring is a great time to give your garden a treat by applying fertiliser. While some plants benefit from specific products, there are also some more general products like Seamax Seaweed, an organic nutrient booster which is suitable for all plants. Flourish for Fruits and Citrus is a soluble plant food which boosts flowers and feeds foliage as well as developing fruit. Robust is ideal for pots and indoors and is also great for native plants.

Troforte is a newer controlled-release fertiliser which works differently to traditional products. It contains live microbes, and once the fertiliser is watered and begins to break down, these microbes begin working to convert the nutrients in the soil to a more usable form. This is a proudly Australian made product and it’s fantastic for all sorts of plants, including natives.

Head into your local nursery or hardware store, treat your garden and see the stunning results in the next few months.