How to train tomato plants

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Tomatoes can be prolific fruit producers, but they can also take over your garden if left to their own devices!

For the best results, tomatoes are best kept to one or two branches or stems. To train the plant into just one stem, look for the lateral or side shoots which form just below the first set of yellow flowers. Remove any of these lateral shoots, or allow just one of these to grow if you would like a two-stemmed plant. Use your hands to snap off these lateral shoots rather than secateurs.

It’s important to stake tomatoes. Use 2.4m stakes and budding tape or a soft material to tie the plant at intervals as it grows. Do not use twist ties on tomatoes. As lower leaves begin to turn yellow, remove them, and when the plant reaches the top of the stake pinch out the growing tip.

Tomatoes should be fertilised when they are first planted, and then not again until they start producing fruit. A light fertiliser like Thrive Fruit and Plant Food every couple of weeks will assist growth, and if you find pests are attacking them, Tomato Dust may be beneficial.

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