Viola Trailing Mixed

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This Bloomin Value Giant Pot provides an instant splash of colour in the garden or in pots. The mature and established plant takes the hard work out of growing up a seedling.

This Giant Pot Viola Trailing has a semi trailing habit, and produces an abundance of blooms in an array of vibrant colours. From shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, red, white and lavender.

These colourful annuals are excellent for mass bedding, borders, troughs, tubs and pots on a sunny terrace or patio. Violas enjoy a well drained soil rich on organic matter. For blooming good results feed every two weeks and remove spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

Bloomin Value Giant pots are easy to use just follow these simple instructions:

GARDEN BEDS: Prepare the ground prior to planting. Turn the soil to a depth of approximately 20cm. Incorporate to a depth of 2.5cm thick well rotted animal manure or commercial potting mix. Add Gypsum over the top of the manure or potting mix (approx 1 handful to every square metre). Water plants well prior to planting and allow to drain. Plant to depth of pot root ball. Check plants for watering on a daily basis.

POTS & BASKETS: Fill the pot or basket with potting mix. Dry media should be moistened before planting.