Petunia Constellation

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Gorgeous, royal purple petals with unique white markings. A world first colour break that will bring the wow factor to your garden. Each bloom has their own individual constellation.

Perennial Petunias have the advantage of lasting a few years in the garden, where their annual counterparts were quite short lived. They have excellent cold tolerance, and are renowned for being tough and producing weather resistant blooms. They make great fillers as your summer plants begin to fade as they continue to frost.

Plant your Perennial Petunia into moderately fertile to humus rich, well drained soil. Add a diluted liquid fertiliser fortnightly, or a slow release pelletised version every couple of months to keep them blooming at their best. A light prune after the first flush will help prolong flowering. In pots and hanging baskets it is a good idea to use a good quality potting mix. In areas of hard frost they may have to be treated as annuals, they survive outdoors here in the hills with a bit of winter damage but shoot back quickly as the weather warms.