Petunia Pink Chiffon

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This easy to grow spreading petunia is one of the earliest to bloom, producing an abundance of pale pink flowers. Ideal for hangers, pots or as a cascading feature in your garden.

Garden Beds: Prepare the ground prior to planting. Turn the soil to a depth of approximately 20cm. Incorporate to a depth of 2.5cm thick well rotted animal manure or commercial potting mix. Add Gypsum over the top of the manure or potting mix (approx 1 handful to every square metre). Water plants well prior to planting and allow to drain. Plant to depth of cell root ball. Apply Thrive or Miracle Gro to your seedlings every two weeks for good results. Remove old and dead flower heads on a regular basis to maintain stunning colour.

Pots & Baskets: Fill the pot or basket with potting mix. Dry media should be moistened before planting. As a guide, plant 3 plants per 30cm basket to provide you with a strong display

Plant height:  25 – 30cm

Planting distance:  40cm

Location: Full sun