Hydrangea Tea Time Early Blue

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A beautiful accessory to any party!

Use Tea Time Hydrangeas to decorate inside your home, on the patio, then later in the garden. Their compact habit and well-branched structure enables them to produce more flowers than other Hydrangea varieties.

After flowering has finished Hydrangeas can be pruned to 1 metre or less in height. Prune by mid-February. If you prune later than this time you could stop flowers being formed for the next season. Hydrangeas will set their new flower buds in the Autumn and will lose most of their leaves during Winter. In Spring, as the new shoots appear apply a long term fertiliser that releases over 5-6 months. This will feed them over Summer.

Tea Time Hydrangeas are available in a range of colours. If you selected a blue coloured variety  then we have special information on our website to help you keep it blue each year.

Location: Part sun

Plant height: 1.2 – 1.5 metres

Flowers: Late Spring to Summer