Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl

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Rhaphiolepis (also known as Indian Hawthorn) is a great plant for function and colour. These woody shrubs are widely used as low-growing border plants. They are tough, drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant and generally low maintenance but correct varietal selection is very important. Many Hawthorns suffer badly from leafspot and subsequent leaf-drop, particularly in our humid summers. Others set a lot of seed and can
become invasive. There are a lot of varieties available but two which have repeatedly shown to be resistant to leaf-spotting and do not set masses of seed include Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl and Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pink.

Both of these Australian-bred varieties are naturally  rounded in shape without the need for pruning. Although flowering mostly during spring, these plants look sensational at all times of the year due to their thick, glossy foliage and naturally tidy habit. They are also perfect for tubs or pots.