Butter Bean

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It’s a fact of life, “fresh is best”.  There is simply no better way of having fresher vegetables packed with nutrients and fibre, than harvesting them right from your very own garden. Pohlmans Gourmet Vegetables® Butter Bean is a high yielding, bright yellow, stringless bean.  Best eaten fresh or blanch for 2-3 minutes then freeze.  Pick pods when young, and regularly to encourage cropping over a long period.

Care: Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched in organic matter, and well drained.  Mulching is recommended to help conserve water.

Height: 40- 45 cm

Plant Apart: 15- 20 cm

Location: Full Sun

Harvest Time: 55- 60 days

Health Benefits of Butter Bean:

– Maintains and aids calcium availability to strengthen bones.

– High in Vitamin A & C which aids in preventing  heart disease.

– Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, also aids as a diuretic, reconstructing the nervous system, an anti-infective and tonic for the liver and pancreas.

– Provides twice as much Iron as spinach which promotes energy and stimulates better memory.

– Has an important role in preventing colon cancer through high Vitamin C, beta-carotene and folate.