Mexican Fiesta

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The Mexican Fiesta mix includes Chilli Jalapeno, Capsicum Red, Tomato Beef Steak and Tomatillo.


It’s a fact of life, ‘fresh is best’. There is simply no better way of having fresher vegetables and herbs packed with nutrients and fibre than harvesting them right from your very own garden. Pohlmans Mexican Fiesta is a chef-inspired flavour combination of chilli, capsicum, tomato and tomatillo that can be used to jazz up your gourmet creations.

Chilli Jalapeno – a medium to large 5-9cm long chilli which has a mild to warm burning sensation when eaten.

Capsicum Red – produces sweet bell peppers that can be picked green, however they are at their sweetest when they turn red.

Tomato Beef Steak – produces large, flat, globe shaped fruit up to 220 grams.

Tomatillo – produces 3-4cm round dark purple fruit in a papery husk. Ripe tomatillos are crisp and have a sweet tangy flavour.

These tasty vegetables prefer well drained soils and should be fed regularly during the growing season. Water regularly.

A Mexican Fiesta sounds like fun – and so is this great mix of flavours.

Recipes – 

Steak Fajitas with tomato salsa

Vegetarian Nachos

Plant height: 30-250cm

Planting distance: 25-60cm

Location: Part sun

Harvest: 70-110 days