Pretty the Plate

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Pretty the Plate includes Parsley Afro, Viola, Marigold French and Strawberry – this combo is perfect for either full sun or part shade.

It’s a fact of life – fresh is best. There’s simply no better way of having fresher vegetables and herbs packed with nutrients and fibre than harvesting them straight from your own garden. Pretty the Plate combo is a mix of vegies, herbs and edible flowers to make the complete decorative and edible gourmet garnish.

Strawberry – with large white flowers and yellow centres and sweet medium red fruit, gives the option to use the flower for the visual appeal and the fruit for heir superb sweet qualities in many dessert dishes

French Marigold – edible bright orange and yellow blooms and a bright display to the plate, as well as the flowers providing a peppery after-taste.

Viola – flowers are entirely edible and provide a pop of bright multi colours to create a colourful garnish to any plate

Parsley Afro – a well known dark green garnish which embellishes the presentation of soups, pasta, meats and roasts, adds as a breath freshener, a digestive aid and also provides high amounts of Vitamin C & K

Recipe ideas

Strawberry & Parsley Salad

Strawberry Tabbouleh


Plant height: 15-45cm

Planting distance: 15-60cm

Location: Full sun or part shade