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Autumn is in full swing, and there’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal with some fresh, home grown fruit, veggies and herbs!

Herbs are amongst the easiest to grow during the warmer months, many of them are durable, which means you can have fresh ingredients all year long.

The great things about growing your own herbs is that they can fit anywhere, they even suit apartment living, just pop them in a pot on a windowsill and they are good to grow.

Even if the pots can’t receive direct sunlight, they will still manage underneath fluorescent lighting.

When it comes to watering herbs, they don’t need much, in fact, it’s best to plant herbs in a pot that will drain well, or if placed on a windowsill, wait until the top inch of the soil is dry then soak the plant.

Herbs are a great addition to many meals, even drinks.

Classic herbs, such as mint are one of the herbs that make a great, fresh addition to food and drinks. Sprinkle it on top of a noodle salad or add it to a refreshing lime and soda drink. Mint is also a durable herb that does well on a window sill or outside, either way it always adds great flavour.

Parsley is another staple herb, that makes for a great accompaniment to many dishes, including roasts or salads.

Rosemary is a versatile herb that also goes well with roast meat, however it can also be added to summer cocktails for a unique twist. It’s also great for aromatherapy.

Coriander may cause disputes, however it is an essential flavour in Asian cooking and balances out other flavours such as chilli or ginger.