Garden Club Buddies

Awesome Gardening Activities

Hi Buddies – Fabio here with some super fun Gardening Activities!Pohlmans, Kids, Garden, Club, Mascot, Fabio, Flower, Gardening Activities

You can print them out and share them with your friends or your classmates too.

Have fun and look out for new activities coming soon! If you sign up for our Buddies club here, you will keep up with all the latest fun, and get a super surprise for your birthday too!

Colour in the Flowers

Decorate the Bird House

Winter Find a Word

Draw the Leaves

Macrame Plant Hanger

Autumn Artwork

Weekend Garden Hunt

Buddies Bird Bath Activity

Mini Pizza Pockets

Outdoor Walks

Delicious Mac and Cheese

Grow your own Cress Eggheads

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Build Your Own Terrarium!

Cool pallet garden bed

Create your own vege garden

Cute garden markers

Glowing garden rocks

Jazz up your garden fence

We love recycling!

Create a magical fairy garden

Play with your food!

Make your own garden

Create your own paintbrushes

Cute garden toadstools to make

Yummy vege skewers

Find a Word

Chicken Mince Lollipops

Garden Crossword

Strawberry Quesadillas

Vanilla & Raspberry Pie

Strawberry Milkshake

Yummy Winter Apple Slice