Pohlmans Basil Sweet has an aromatic and spicy flavour that resembles cloves.  Best used fresh, but can be dried, basil can be used with tomatoes, pesto, chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, salads and sauces.  High in Vitamin A & C, calcium, phosphorous and potassium, basil also contains powerful antioxidants.

Care: Basil can be grown as a border plant, in pots or tubs.  If grown next to tomatoes, can help to grow larger and more flavoursome fruit.  Pinch out growing tips and flower heads to encourage a bushy habit.  These tasty herbs prefer well drained soils and should be fed regularly during the growing season.

Height: 50 – 60 cm

Plant apart: 30 cm

Location: Full sun

Harvest time: Cut leaves as required