We are finalists!

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We are proud to be nominated again as finalists for the 2023 Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) Annual Awards. The winners will be announced on November 2 2023.

We’ve been nominated in the Industry Sector Awards for Agriculture and Nurseries in recognition of our work to increase recycled content of our packaging, reducing waste to landfill and continuing our reuse and recycling of nursery plastics.

We thank all of our business customers who continually support our achievements by returning nursery trays each week so that they can be cleaned and reused.

More the 90% of our business to consumer packaging is recyclable and we expect that this will continue to increase as we work with our suppliers to recycle and remanufacture nursery plastics over and over again.

Increasing the sustainability of our packaging is just one part of our ongoing plans to reduce our footprint across everything we do. We look forward to sharing more achievements on our sustainability goals in the future.