Brighten up frosty days with living colour

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Has winter left you feeling grey and your garden looking drab? Turn the winter blues around by taking inspiration from this year’s Chelsea Flower Show where bold and beautiful colour ruled.

This year the Chelsea Flower Show shook off its traditional muted palette for warm hues of orange and yellow, mixed with rich deep purple and blue tones.

You’ll find these colours and more in our premium Living Colour range that features over 30 varieties presented in 140mm and 180mm pots, and 175mm hangers. Incorporate them into your garden this winter, or simply place them on patios, verandahs, or in windows for a pop of cheering colour.

Try the Pentas Mixed, Petunia Marvel Beauty, or Angelonia Mixed with its small, delicate flowers in shades of lavender, pink and purple. Or, add a beautifully unique feature with the large, leafy flowers of a Princettia.

Get out into the garden this winter and add some living colour to these chilly days! Need help choosing a flowering plant that can tough out winter frost? Drop into the nursery, we’ll be happy to help.