Spring/Summer 2023 is here!

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Spring has arrived, and with it a whole lot of new plants for you to enjoy! We have scoured the corners of the globe and worked with the world’s best breeding companies to source the best plants suited for the Queensland environment.

All the plants are trialled here in our nursery in Gatton to provide us with the data that gives us the confidence to bring the new plants to the market and also ensuring great garden performance for our customers. Extensive research by breeding companies is accelerating the rate of new plants being introduced each year. We continue to look for improvements in plant varieties each year and we are continually surprised at all the new introductions.

We hope you continue to enjoy all the new plants we bring to market, along with the seasonal favourites we continue to grow in our wide range of brands. Keep an eye out for the ever popular 10 pots, along with our newest Long Lasting Pots range of hardy perennials.

Pop into your local nursery or hardware store to see all of these beautiful plants coming through over the next few months.

You can download the new catalogue here and be inspired to get into the garden this Spring!