Indoor plants really are back on trend – and for all the right reasons!

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With their air purifying qualities and all around feel-good factor, there’s nothing quite like a pop of greenery to liven up any room in the house.

While sculptural varieties like the Fiddle Leaf Fig have been featured in nearly every home magazine lately, let’s not forget about some other favourites.

The dainty and pretty Maiden Hair Fern is perfect for a light position and adds softness and vivid green foliage to complement any décor. These plants do like to be kept moist, so a little bit of love won’t go astray!

A great variety for the less ‘green-thumbed’ is the Pothos or Devils Ivy. This hardy plant adds bright colour and its trailing habit looks great on a high shelf or in a hanging pot. It only needs infrequent watering and looks great in the bathroom too.

Philodendron Little Hope is perfect for pots and its attractive foliage adds a tropical vibe. The compact habit of this particular variety is ideal for smaller spaces where a pop of green is welcome.

Begonias are back! These stunning plants have unusual colours and textures and provide interest and form in all sorts of situations. Try the Begonia Rex Inca Night for amazing rich tones to add some drama, or the Begonia Rex Lima Love for intense lime green foliage.

Pohlmans range of Indoor plants come in a 130mm pot or 175mm hanging pot. You can see the whole range on our website here and in your local hardware store, nursery or supermarket.