Pansy Queensland

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What better way to get into the footy fever than to dress up your garden or patio in your favourite team colours.

Let the all new 10 Pots Origin Pak introduce you to a totally new, easy “no fuss” way to decorate this season. The Origin 10 Pots will take all the guess work out of gardening which means you can have that splash of Origin colours instantly. Try mass planting into pots to decorate the patio and terrace… plant up hanging baskets for the balcony and outdoor entertaining area… plant to brighten up existing gardens or, simply let your own imagination create your very own instant Origin effect.


Viola x wittrockiana

These colourful annuals are excellent for mass bedding, borders, large troughs, tubs and pots on a sunny terrace or patio.

10 Pots Origin Colour enjoy a well drained and compost enriched soil. For blooming good results feed every two weeksand remove spent blooms for more abundant flowers. So look out for more 10 Pot products from Pohlmans.

Origin 10 pots packs are ever so easy to use:

GARDEN BEDS: Prepare the ground prior to planting. Turn the soil to a depth of approximately 20cm. Incorporate to a depth of 2.5cm thick well rotted animal manure or commercial potting mix. Add Gypsum over the top of the manure or potting mix (approx 1 handful to every square metre). Dampen soil and allow to dry for a day. Transport plants home as soon as possible after purchase and place in a shaded place. For best results plant 10 Pots Landscape as soon as possible after purchase. Avoid planting during the heat of the day. Preferably plant during the coolness of the evening. Water plants well prior to planting and allow to drain. Plant to depth of cell root ball. Check plants for watering on a daily basis.