Pohlmans Lettuce Iceberg is a crisp and sweet tasting large solid hearted variety.  This classic Iceberg is the most popular hearting lettuce.  A source of folate, lettuce can be used in salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and tacos.  Suitable for year round production with good heat performance and being slow to bolt.  Stagger your plantings of lettuce for a continuous harvest.Plant your lettuce along with cucumber, tomato and capsicum to create the basics of your salad.

Care: These tasty vegetables prefer rich well drained soil, and should be fed regularly during the growing season.  Avoid watering your lettuce in the heat of the day.  Growing under shadecloth is beneficial in hot areas.

Height: up to 20 cm

Plant apart: 30 cm

Location: Full sun

Harvest time: 80 – 90 days