Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers!

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Coming into the season of entertaining is the perfect time to plant out your pots and brighten up your front entrance and patio areas. Create some gorgeous features by planting thrillers, fillers and spillers!

Thrillers are plants with height that will add vertical elements to your pots and add drama. These can be foliage plants, flowering varieties or even ornamental grasses. Generally you plant these at the back or in the middle of the pot, depending on where you are going to place the pot.

Next come the fillers – varieties that fill and round out the pot. Plant these at the base of the thrillers. Flowers like petunias, lobelia or impatiens are perfect fillers.

Finish off the planting with thrillers – plants that will spill over the edges of the pot. Try portulaca, strawberries or ivy geranium.

Coming up to Christmas try a red and white combination for your pots – there are lots of gorgeous options with red tones like Begonia Rex Evening Glow which are great for indoors, and the always popular Petunia Christmas Red for a perfect front entrance to welcome your guests.

One thing to watch out for when planting up these combinations is to keep plants together which have the same sunlight and water requirements to ensure maximum impact.