Create your indoor sanctuary with living, breathing plants

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Adding colour and life into your home or office has so many more benefits than just looking great. Indoor plants literally breathe life into your world.

When the weather outside isn’t as pleasant for gardening, you can still keep your green fingers busy by introducing indoor plants. There are also some amazing health benefits to having greenery inside.

During the process of photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen – the opposite to humans. This is especially important during winter when doors and windows are kept closed and fresh air is just a little too fresh!

Plants also release moisture in the air – around 97 percent of what they take in actually. This can really help during the winter months and has been proven to decrease the incidence of dry skin, colds and sore throats. This is also partly due to plants’ amazing ability to remove toxins from the air. Plants pull contaminants from the air into the soil where root zone microorganisms convert toxins into food for the plant.

Pohlmans have been growing and supplying Indoor Plants for nearly 40 years. Popular varieties include Spathifyllum (Peace or Madonna Lily), Dieffenbachia, Draceanas, Pothos and English Ivy (Hedra Ivy). When Chrysanthemums are in season they add a lovely pop of colour indoors too.

Breathe some life into your home or office with indoor plants this winter.