Kalanchoe – A splash of Winter colour

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When it comes to a versatile, hardy, but beautiful winter flowering plant, you can’t go past the vibrant Kalanchoe.

These long-flowering pops of colour are perfect for brightening up your kitchen or living room for much longer than cut flowers. They are also happy in almost any part of the garden – shade or full sun.

Pohlmans’ range of Kalanchoes are chosen for their unique showiness. With a succulent-type foliage topped with bursts of either bright double flowers or stunning bi-coloured single blooms, the bright yellows, hot pinks and stunning reds look fabulous in hanging pots too.

For the best results, keep Kalanchoes dry rather than wet – watering twice a week should be plenty. If in pots, do not let water sit in the saucer, and if planted in the garden ensure good drainage to keep them happy and flowering for months.

Pohlmans’ innovative new growing facilities which mimic night-time conditions mean that these plants can now be supplied in flower all year round. Ask at your local nursery or hardware store for Kalanchoes and inject some colour into your Winter!