The science of colour in the garden

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Salvia Mixed

Are you seeing red or feeling blue? Colour is incredibly powerful – it can affect our mood, influence our perception and power our creativity.

Did you know the science of colour in the garden also affects the birds and the bees too? Scientists actually think flowers have evolved over 100 million years from dull and simple into vibrantly bright in order to attract pollinators.

Birds and bees can only see certain colours – blue, green and ultra violet light. Some plants have evolved to include ultraviolet light patterns only birds and bees can see, and colours that attract certain types of pollinators but not others.

As for people, looking into a garden awash with warm, bright colours can instantly make us cheerful and upbeat. A rainforest style garden with cooling blues and greens will evoke a feeling of calm, while colours that contrast can create drama and energy. Stick to one complementary palette of about five colours to avoid the visual affect becoming overwhelming or cluttered. Try our very popular 10 Pots mix, which have a beautiful range of colours and varieties to choose from.