The Healing Power of Herbs

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Healing power of herbs

Through the ages people have turned to natural remedies like herbs to heal and protect our bodies.

One of the most ancient remedies is peppermint – which can calm your stomach, aid digestion, and relieve headaches.

Coriander is quite a divisive herb – some people don’t like its strong taste, but in Asian cooking it’s essential, often balancing beautifully with parsley, chilli, ginger and garlic for a taste that mixes heat, sweet and freshness. It’s also been said to be a great source of calcium and have other benefits such as antiseptic properties that clear up skin disorders.

If you want to instantly improve your mood the smell of rosemary has been said to be a booster. You can use rosemary in both aromatherapy and in food to achieve this benefit.

So next time you’re feeling under the weather, remember we are what we eat. A small amount of herbal healing could go a long way! Try Pohlmans’ Hidden Valley Herbs to plant your own.