Raspberry Chilcotton

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Producing a bright red, good size fruit, this dual cropping raspberry has a medium to high yield. Summer fruiting in December, and Autumn fruiting from March to June. Excess fruit can be frozen or made into jam. Raspberries contain antioxidants, which promote cardiovascular health.   Fruti is ripe and ready for picking when it has turned a deep red and falls off the stem easily when touched.

Care: Raspberries thrive in a friable soil, moist, but not wet.   Grow crop against a wall or fence, or support with a trellis. Old flowered canes shoud be pruned to ground level. Cut off suckers that emerge between plants. Apply mulch in spring to conserve moisture in summer, and increase fruit yield.

Harvest: Mar-June & Dec

Plant height: 1.8-2m

Plant distance: 1.5m

Location: Full sun