Eggplant Market Supreme

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Pohlmans Eggplant Market Supreme is a vigorous, high yielding variety with a long harvest season.  Producing fruit up to 25cm high by 11cm wide that are teardrop in shape with glossy black skin.  Best picked when young, as older fruit becomes bitter.  Wear gloves to harvest as eggplant has spiky stems, and regular picking encourages production.  Cut and use the same day if possible.  Use in Indian cuisine, lasagne. moussaka, or cut and fry.  High in Vitamin C and B1, and fibre.

Care: Ideally, plant into a garden bed which is fertile, enriched with organic matter, and well drained.  For best results use plenty of nitrogen based fertiliser to encourage leaf growth.

Height: 80 – 100 cm

Plant apart: 60 – 75 cm

Location: Full sun

Harvest time: 90- 110 days