Green Walls

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Green walls have been popping up in cities around the world, whether it’s on the street, in offices or in shopping centres, however, it’s not just public spaces that benefit from these living walls. Why not add some greenery to your own home by putting up a green wall?

It is known that there are a number of benefits to adding plants to your home, including fresher air and the calming effects that they can have. However, some homes are already on the smaller side, so having rooms filled with pots and stands can be a bit unrealistic. A solution comes in the form of a living wall. This uses up much less space and still provides all the benefits.

There are a number of benefits that green walls can provide, especially the larger they are. It can provide insulation, a great cooling solution for a room; works as a sound proofing barrier and filters the air. Depending on where you have the green wall located in the home it can provide different benefits, for example, putting greenery in an office space can improve focus and even boost motivation. Despite the differences in plants’ abilities to filter air, the visual effect that a green wall has is just as positive.

There are companies that do large scale green walls, however, it is easy enough to create your own with a pallet or some timber and wire. (

What you fill up your green wall with is entirely up to you. If you’re after a natural, green filled space, then crawlers such as pothos and philodendron could be perfect, they’ll eventually crawl off the ‘wall’ and into your space naturally. If you’re after something a bit more colourful, then some flowers from our 10 pots range could be the pop of colour. Another great alternative is to integrate herbs into the green wall, making it practical as well as beneficial.